Since it’s been relatively (cough) quiet around here, despite promises to the contrary, I’ll add a summary of my highlights of 2005, and hope that that will shed a bit of light on the latter half of the year, where many of you might not have heard as much as promised from me.


  • After my botched oral exam, I got my Diplom in Technomathematik from Uni Karlsruhe.
  • Went to Amsterdam with Josie for some fun. Crappier hostels along the year still make me yearn for the Flying Pig. :)


  • Started work at Prof. Dörfler’s institute, teaching and generally having fun with Jan, Kim and all the others.
  • Finished the month with a week-long snowboard vacation in Gleiming with Robert, Kiki, Frank and Lippe. Des war cool.
  • Got admitted to Brown Graduate School.


  • Work in Karlsruhe is in full force before the semester has begun, with bits of research and administrative software.
  • At the end of the month, I fly out to New York, then Providence, then DC and finally Raleigh to take a brief look at the graduate school from which I had