Lecture notes

This page is dedicated to the notes I took in a bunch of lectures I attended. They’re available right here, in reverse chronological order:

  • AM281.1: Advanced Topics in High-Order Numerical Methods for Convection-Dominated Problems (Prof. Chi-Wang Shu, Brown, Fall 2007, English) Course Aggregator
  • Prelim study notes Some summaries that I made for my preliminary exams at the Division of Applied Mathematics at Brown. In particular, notes exist for PDE 1 and 2, Finite Difference and Spectral Methods (cryptically named AM255 and AM256), Numerical methods for Conservation Laws (AM257) and Continuum mechanics. You may also be interested in my entry in my entry in the DAM prelim book.
  • AM282.5: Stochastic PDEs (Prof. Boris Rozovsky, Brown, Spring 2006, English) Notes
  • AM257: Numerics for Conservation Laws (Prof. Chi-Wang Shu, Brown, Fall 2006, English) Notes
  • PDE2 (Prof. Govind Menon, Brown, Spring 2006, English) Notes
  • PDE1 (Prof. Govind Menon, Brown, Fall 2005, English) NotesCareful: These notes are not very pretty (or error-free, for that matter), and on top of that, they only cover the latter half of the course for which Prof. Menon did not provide notes.
  • Funktionalanalysis II (Dr. Christoph Schmoeger, Summer 2001, German)
  • Analysis I/II/III (Priv. Doz. Dr. Gerd Herzog, Karlsruhe, Fall 1998-Fall 1999, German)
  • Informatik I/II/III (Profs. Tichy, Waibel, Prautzsch, Karlsruhe, Fall 1998-Fall 1999, German)

If you find errors or omissions, please do let me know. The easiest way might be to send me an email at mathem@tiker.net.