Another day totally dominated by activities related to applying to grad school. Like trying to get my recommenders to send their letters the right way. Finding out that, in fact, UMD does not support online recommendation. Filling out stupid ETS score report forms using Scribus just to fax them off. (Btw. Scribus is really neat for filling out forms. Put a form PDF in the background, put some text layers and a signature image on it, bingo. Did that twice today. It does have its bugs though, at least the current Debian version does.) And :D Josie’s :D back from Spain. She says it was cool, if not totally stress-free. I’ll go see her tomorrow, or maybe Wednesday, depending on when Alessandro “da rock” F. 8) has time. :)

Here’s one to remind Josie of the long days in Ulm: A comic about a PhD student playing Freecell