Since the beginning of this month, I’m the proud owner of a Canon PowerShot A95 digital camera. (Note that the new category “Digital Photography” has sprung up on this site.) I’m very excited about the camera. The battery life is just incredible. The only hair in the soup is that the tripod mount is plastic. But if it lasts, I guess I don’t care.

In order to protect this investment (gift, actually), I’ve thought of a somewhat creative use of the MyCamera(tm) feature of this camera, which allows you to show a custom picture during power-up. This is what I put in:


If you want to do this, too, I’ve attached the Inkscape Digital Camera Kung-Fu. (Oops. Now you know my phone number and email. Oh well.)

To get the best possible use out of the pictures you take, I can whole-heartedly recommend DigiKam, which is the best picture archival/viewer program for KDE that I’ve encountered until now. It’s been dealing well with my 2000+ pictures.

You may now spend the coming week in awe awaiting tons of snowboarding pictures week after next. }:)