Date Tue 17 May 2005 Tags meta

In recent times, I’ve actually seen more misspellings of the domain which hosts this journal than accurate ones. I’ve seen

  •—which, in reality, is a site on how to catch reel big fish.
  •—which, in reality, is held by some domain squatter.
  •—which, in reality, does not exist, but bears a close phonetic relationship to a pretty vulgar German word. Worst of all, I caught this misspelling from somebody in my tutorial session. I really don’t know what she thinks of me, but I’m fairly sure I’m not like that.

This makes me feel the accomplishment of someone who’s found the right domain name, since people can’t seem to spell my last name either. :) Of course, I can’t really judge how many people just think, “Awww man, learn to spell.” To which I could grinningly say, with the same feeling of accomplishment, “Hah! The pun you’re missing is in German. The equivalent pun in English can be pulled off using (which you may grab while it’s not taken).” Unfortunately, I might not be there to enjoy the occasion. ;)

Of course, my desire to add one pun on top of another by calling my journal “news.tiker” has only aggravated the problem. Oh well. }:)