Clockwork is a simple shelll script to track the time you’ve spent at work vs. the time you ought to spend there. You type

clockwork start

when you come in,

clockwork stop

when you leave, and

clockwork indebt

once for every day you’re supposed to be at work. clockwork notes it all down in $HOME/.clockwork. In case you could not log a “start” right when it was supposed to happen, you can say

clockwork startat 9:45

or even

clockwork startat "yesterday 9:00"

(mind the quotes!). stopat, of course, works just like that. During the day, you can say

clockwork howlong

to find out how long you still need to stay. And at the end of the month, say

clockwork report

to have something to hand to your boss.

The current arch tree is called clockwork--mainline--0.