Update: PyLinear is deprecated. Its place is taken by numpy together with PyUblas and PyUblasExt.

PyLinear is a comprehensive linear algebra library for Python. It wraps Boost UBlas into a Numeric-like shell, while adding bindings to UMFPACK, ARPACK and LAPACK and a collection of home-grown algorithms such as preconditioned CG, preconditioned BiCGSTAB and more. It is mature, but has a few rough edges in the build process. It’s a bit short on the documentation side of things.

Requires Boost.Python, Boost.UBlas, Boost bindings from the Boost sandbox, BLAS, LAPACK, UMFPACK and ARPACK. Many of these dependencies will become optional in a future version. There is also some rudimentary documentation in PDF form, which I hope will be helpful. This package was written as part of my Diplom thesis and considerably extended thereafter.

Download or get the newest version directly from the source control repository.

Having trouble? Check the forum.