Date Thu 17 February 2005 Tags life

…us as in the Germans, and, sadly enough, it’s working. When I first saw the brand of bags called “Down & Out” (Pleite & keine Hoffnung), I thought them to be an oddity, something that no-one would buy. Then I saw them in the wild, and even better, on my own friends. Then, I really thought, hey, brush up on your English, dude. Know what you buy.

Today, it all got topped off, when, on my way to work, I saw a fairly cute, curly-haired girl with a bag branded “Flaming Sideburns” (Flammende Koteletten). Riiiight. Girl. Sideburns. Ahem. Is some cruel bag manufacturer out there trying to find out what would be the dumbest brand of bags that Germans still buy? If so, stop it! You’ve had your fun, now go produce serious stuff. ;)

I’m sort of glad that my own backpack says “Bach/Ireland” and nothing else. 8)

Update: Christian Plagemann pointed out that “Flaming Sideburns” most likely doesn’t refer to brand of the bag, but rather a band. Note to self: Must not fall for random conspiracy theories, no matter how attractive. :P