I spent today doing something very laudable: :yes: I went on an extended bike ride. Of course, riding your bike is not half as fun if you can’t waste some time letting your computer process the greatness of what was achieved. Fortunately, the Google Maps Pedometer comes to the rescue! If you follow that link, you can even see a height profile of my ride, and you can witness the fact that I fulfilled my private goal of riding into Massachusetts. Not that I knew that I did, since there were no big “Welcome to Massachusetts” signs around. It was just when my legs started hurting badly enough that I thought the return trip might not be fun if I didn’t turn around now.

Well. Let’s think about that for a second, and make it into a general law of cycling:

Don’t wait till your legs hurt to turn around!

Otherwise, the return trip might hurt. Badly. Not that this reflects my experience today or something. (Owww… my legs…)

(As an added bonus, and since the GMaps-pedometer is so fun, I also put in my way to school.)