Date Sun 01 May 2005 Tags life

So, how come I finally noticed? We had a phat BBQ yesterday, starring some salad, grilled veggies, steaks, and finishing with Josie’s berries’n’cream dessert. While your mouth is watering, I’ll also tell you that to enjoy this, I spent much of yesterday cleaning our balcony. Sounds un-fun, but actually it was. I like splashing around with water and removing really dirty dirt. :)

Being outside also rocks since I can’t do most fun things for another week because of some stitches I got on my back. But they’re healing, and come next Sunday, I’ll be back to being allowed to do what I want! Among the first things I’ll be doing will be: * Take a normal shower. Washing yourself with just a washcloth on the sink is so slow, it stinks. (No, not I stink after washing like that. It stinks. }:)) * Go skate! * Go to the pool! :yes:

The clean balcony also enables me to sit outside with my laptop, using my newly-gained wireless networking. Wireless (or nocat—see the Einstein quote on the left ;)) rocks, I must say. At this point, I’m using NDISWrapper to drive the card, since the open-source driver is, umm, not-quite-there-yet(tm). I hope that’ll change, though.

Update: My card was broken. That’s why rt2500 didn’t work. Now that I have a non-broken card, everything is fine.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled lemonade slurping. :)