Date Mon 07 March 2005 Tags reviews

No matter what you do, do not ever buy the 2000 mAh rechargeables from Hama. They seem to have a pretty high defect rate. Today I finally got a refund for my set of four, which I had exchanged no less than twice before. Each time I came home with a new shiny set, I put it in my charger (also from Hama), only to find out that at least one of the batteries was broken. (Broken as in zero voltage between the ports.) At least the refund from Saturn was fairly painless.

Saturn, however, attempts to trick you when you buy stuff. They have two separate battery shelves at different locations in the store, one overpriced and no-name, the other reputable-brand and reasonably-priced. Inexplicably, the section with the reasonably-priced batteries says “Inkjet paper” at the top. It makes you feel like they don’t want you to find that stuff. This is true at least of the branch in Karlsruhe. (Note that my batteries came from the reasonably-priced shelf. :P)