Date Sat 05 February 2005 Tags life

(Read Day 1 first, otherwise you might get confused.)

On the way out of the hostel yesterday, we had stumbled upon an outdoor gear store. I had been on the lookout for a new backpack for quite a while, and right there in that store I saw what I had been looking for all along, the Fjällräven Fox 60+10, a backpack with more extra features than you can shake a stick at. Having slept over the decision, we went out to buy it this morning. Speaking as of this posting, I thoroughly don’t regret buying it, especially since they had it marked down by 30%.

A while back, maybe in November, Josie and I had also stumbled upon these funny videos—we had enjoyed them without knowing whom exactly they were from. We just recognized the logo when we saw it, right there in our bedroom: Boom Chicago. Their magazine does not only contain a pretty good tourist guide, they also brought our attention to the fact that they have a improv (that’s improvised theater, like “Whose line is it anyway?”) show every night. Having liked their videos, we bought tickets at the theater at Leidseplein for their “Best of Boom” show.

The rest of the day was pretty rainy, so after getting the new shiny backpack back to the hostel, we went shopping, explored the Museumsplein and cooked until right before the show. The show itself was hilarious. Quoting any jokes here would most likely ruin them, especially since I didn’t take any notities during the Sjoord show. :P If you ever have the chance to go see Boom, run, don’t walk, to the ticket counter. (And use their magazine as a coupon to score a 3 Euro discount.) After the show, there was an improv jam for people from the audience, many of whom were apparently regulars. They put on a pretty funny show for the rest of us who were too scared to get on stage. (including me)

Read on for day 3.