Advanced Topics in High-Order Numerical Methods for Convection-Dominated Problems

This page aggregates material for Chi-Wang Shu‘s class on High-Order Numerical Methods for Convection-Dominated Problems (APMA 2810 Section 01, Fall Semester 2007). If you have material (or links) that might be useful to other people taking the class, don’t hesitate to send them to me.

Lecture material


  • Oct 3, 2007: Hyongsu Baek, Level Set Methods
  • Oct 15, 2007: Akil Narayan and Andreas Klöckner: Deterministic Methods for the Boltzmann Equation notes slides
  • Oct 24, 2007: Alan Schiemenz, Fast Sweeping Method for Hamilton-Jacobi
  • Oct 31, 2007: Ishani Roy, Semiconductor Boltzmann Equation
  • Nov 7, 2007: Yanlai Chen, Error Estimators for Hamilton-Jacobi
  • Nov 14, 2007: Wei Wang: Multiscale Simulation of Transport in an open Quantum System: Resonances and WKB interpolation slides
  • Nov 14, 2007: Dan Paulsen

Other stuff

All material in a big unsorted directory listing.