Find the word

Josie’s doing something with kids tomorrow, and she needed a word puzzle. I made her one. No. I made her a program to make any number of them. :) Like this one:


I’ve attached the Python Find the word …

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Sieve of Erathostenes

I challenge you to come up with a shorter/simpler piece of code that executes the Sieve of Erathostenes than this Python snippet:

N = 1000
candidates = range(2, N+1)
i = 0

while i < len(candidates):
    candidates = [n for n in candidates
        if n % candidates[i] != 0
        or n <= candidates …
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Don’t shop at K&M

If you ever thought about shopping at K&M Elektronik, don’t do it. They suck. Here’s why:

I bought a wireless card from them a while ago, which, over time, bit the bulletkicked the bucket. I am supposing that I was seeing thermal problems, since the card …

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Drupal 4.6

I’ve just finished updating this site to Drupal 4.6. It went pretty smoothly, except for some hiccups with the image module. I like the new version, even though not much is different. The slightly changed look of the site might give this away, too. If there are any …

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Misspelling my Domain

In recent times, I’ve actually seen more misspellings of the domain which hosts this journal than accurate ones. I’ve seen

  •—which, in reality, is a site on how to catch reel big fish.
  •—which, in reality, is held by some domain squatter.
  • fiker …
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